Leeds School of Arts Degree Show 2023

A concept for the Leeds School of Arts Degree Show 2023.

Designed by the architects at Feilden Clegg Bradley, Broadcasting place is home to the Leeds School of Arts.

During research, I discovered that much of the facing of Broadcasting Place was designed using a computer algorithm which FCB designed specifically for this project. This algorithm chose where or where not to place windows on each of the sides of the building based on light data collected by the architects.

I noticed the seemingly 'random' pattern of windows and knew there had to be a story behind them, more specifically, as a designer he knew there was an avenue to explore.

Abstracting the pattern, I went on to create promotional material, in print and digital, even animating the design. Later creating silkscreens to use for printing, allowing for more experimentation with colour and texture.

Inspired by my love for the building and the people within.

May 5, 2023
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