North Street Clothing

A new Identity for a sustainable Leeds Fashion Brand

A sustainable fashion brand from Leeds, UK wanted a new identity to reflect not only their link to the city but also elements of sustainability and Y2K aesthetics.

Starting life as a hand drawn sketch to provide unique and organic forms to the type, I digitised and refined the logo mark, fine tuning letter spacing and stroke widths to increase legibility across a range of platforms and sizes.

Small decorative Y2K elements provide motion and flair to the mark whilst helping to balance the identity's multiple influences.

With the fashion industry in mind, Gabe wanted to give the mark an extra dimension. Converted to 3D, the logo forms an augmented reality experience when Instagram is pointed at it, animating a metallic version of the logo - with the idea that customers could post about their new North Street Clothing products, perfect for driving social media traffic in an interesting and contemporary way.

July 3, 2023
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