On Creativ-ity Journal

A collaborative journal exploring creativity, originality and inspiration, through process and interaction.

Featuring work by fellow final year Graphic Design students Gabe Petch and Nicole Guimãres, On Creativ-ity was an opportunity to not only explore more experimental, diverging aesthetics and processes, but also to critically explore and evaluate each of their own interpretations of creativity, originality and inspiration, in a world where technological and societal shifts force us to ever rethink design's position and role in culture.

At over 100 pages, On Creativ-ity takes the form of a magazine, featuring interviews conducted on and by each student, alongside three personal projects, ranging from mark-making to collage, all photographed or scanned for use in an editorial context. Finally, On Creativ-ity features a set of quotes chosen by each student, highlighting other creatives and thinkers who have also interrogated the idea of ‘creativity.'

May 5, 2023
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